Gang! Welcome back! Man, how we missed you.

And to all you new post-Christmas joiners: WELCOME! We hope you like it in here as much as we do.

I hope you're all feeling wonderfully refreshed after what will almost certainly (and definitely HOPEFULLY) be the most bonkers and surreal and unusual Christmas break we will ever (fingers crossed) know. Again, we hope.

Olive and Maurice and I had a very nice quiet time in our little bubble - my sister and her boyfriend were also part of our bubble, so don't feel too sorry for me not having anyone to eat champagne and drink brisket with, or something - lounging about in our pyjamas, something we definitely didn't do enough of in 2020, doing jigsaws and watching Home Alone and pretending the world wasn't coming crashing down around us. It's easy to do if you have enough cheese, trust me.

I'm so thrilled we managed to get our lush new website up and running in time for the holidays, as a little Christmas present to all of you for being so damn patient; your amazing feedback has been SO enthusiastic, and has really buoyed both me and Alice into the start of the new year. Our little mini-break offline was so essential, and now we're both back and raring to go; me in the kitchen, covered in flour, and Alice at Admin Central HQ (until they open up her Leith's classroom again).

Both of us are also frantically transcribing and loading ALL the content we put out on Instagram in 2020 up onto the website so it's all in place: this is going to take us some time as I was, apparently *quite* prolific with the recipe creating last year (well, I mean, what ELSE was there to do?) so please be patient while we scribble and tap and click and upload away. While we do that, everything is still available to view on the Instagram page, obviously: that's not going anywhere.

Have a good explore around the site - we're adding new bits all the time, and the forum will be ready soon - and if you have any questions drop us a line.

For now, we just want to wish you a Happy New Year, and ask you to all cross your fingers that it's a little less turbulent than the last one. Boring and predictable is what we're all looking for this year, I feel. Boring and predictable with a side of butter.

All our love, Martha, Alice, Olive, Maurice and, on occasion, Erol x